Oreogasm means: A double-stuffed Oreo with the milk mixture in it will make you feel the most delicious thing that has ever happened to mankind. (in Community Dictionary, added by Susana Díaz)

What else does Oreogasm mean?

  • One white male being squished between two black, fat females makes him feel like an oreo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zaniyah Lawrence)
  • You make a moaning sound when you open an Oreo packet. You can also make an unbearable moan when you eat one. (in Community Dictionary, added by Deja Gamble)
  • Take one cookie from the Oreo and then put the frosting on it. Enjoy the Oreogasm by licking the frosting from the Oreo’s vagina. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mitchell Mcguire)
  • After inducing cannabis, you feel a deep sense of satisfaction when eating an Oreo cookie. The sensation is similar to experiencing an intense orgasm, but without any sexual contact. An oreogasm is characterized by temporary blindness, fatigue, losing balance if standing and loss of balance if standing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruth Caldwell)