Oonga Boonga means: When they are trying to get the Operator Buff from the Atraks-1 Encounter at the Deep Stone Crypt, the phrase “40 resilience, 100 mobility titan” is what they shout. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arthur Cole)

What else does Oonga Boonga mean?

  • You will be raped by as many as 1,000 niggas. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jay Mack)
  • Pseudoprimitive exclamation meaning success, or victory. It is usually used after completing a difficult task. Unnamed woo-woo powers are invoked to honor the most powerful and successful stone-age ancestors. This is a slang term that refers obliquely to the various types of caveman sexual interaction. This reward can only be imagined by the individual performing the task. This reward is not gender-specific and should not be spoken by a woman. This was popularized in “101 Ways to Make Fire” YouTube video. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reed Burke)