one upper means: You will be viewed as superior to others, and you may even say it. Implying that you did something before others. You can ride a motorcycle wearing scrubs, but not in dirt. You can work 18 jobs, including a doctor, mechanic and an astronaut, before you turn 18. (in Community Dictionary, added by Troglodyte)

What else does one upper mean?

  • A person who is more confident than you due to their insecurities. They will outdo you on any topic. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bernardo Ferrer)
  • The person who “knows everything”. The person who has accomplished everything that you wished you could. It was 2 years ago when he took a family vacation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Whisternefet)
  • The person with a greater story. A person who kills six goats is equivalent to killing 23. They will be angry if you tell them a story that only killed 6 goats. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cole Fuentes)
  • A person who wants to feel more confident and happy by making themselves seem better than others. Someone who believes they are the best at everything and everyone. -ADRIAN CLEEK DALLAS TEXAS. (in Community Dictionary, added by Labyrinth)
  • One upper means someone who believes they are better than others and so constantly outdoes everyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bo Hendricks)
  • A person annoying who reacts to the experience of another by telling them a story that is similar about their own with an even more amazing or worse outcome. (in Community Dictionary, added by CybersubBosh)