One Hitter Quitter means: It is a term that refers to good cannabis or being knocked out with one punch. However, it also describes anything that causes a rapid impact. A one-hitter quitter would refer to a hurricane or a tornado that causes a disaster. A person or team of athletes, especially in football. A One Hitter Quitter is a player such as Reggie Bush or Barry Sanders who are able to go long distances for touchdowns at any moment. An offense team such as the Oregon Ducks with high-powered offensive capabilities would be called a One Hitter Quitter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shyann Cannon)

What else does One Hitter Quitter mean?

  • A knockout punch in one Bomb weed, which makes you feel euphoric after just one hit 1. A chick that you don’t intend to see after first boinking. 2. You don’t take your mom home with you. 1. One night stand (in Community Dictionary, added by Dante Saunders)
  • Sometimes used to refer to a single punch knockout and sometimes to pot that you have smoked after one-time. (in Community Dictionary, added by Terrance Rodgers)
  • 1. A blow to the head that knocks someone unconscious. Usually in the face. 2. A reference to marijuana. An individual who is relatively new to smoking marijuana and inhaled one dose under peer pressure. They pretend to be high due to their lack of knowledge about what it feels like. (in Community Dictionary, added by SmellyboofMesial)
  • You get knocked out with one punch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Beckett Higgins)
  • This is a way to explain a bomb asschronic. (in Community Dictionary, added by Harper Carlson)