Omnislash means: One writer, or fanfic of slash fanfiction that includes a variety of pairings. Sometimes used to mean writers who will write any pair, regardless of how unlikely, just because they are good and slash. The omni all/slash and the numerous Final Fantasy 7 Yaoi are likely to play a role. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camron James)

What else does Omnislash mean?

  • This is the internet avatar of an outstanding flash developer and gamer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Teagan Krause)
  • Cloud’s Final Limit in Final Fantasy 7. This is second only to Knights of the Round. Final Fantasy Tactics added Cherry Blossom as a Final Limit to Cloud. A devastating 16 hit attack. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eden Mendez)
  • Yurnero’s Ultimate Move in Dota Allstars Warcraft 3 follows 3 slashes to lvl 6, dealing full damage; 5 slashes to lvl 11, and 8 slashes on lvl 16. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jalen Hawkins)
  • Cloud’s final Limit Break. Cloud attacks his opponent with 15 powerful sword strikes. It can be used to attack a single opponent or groups of enemies. This attack is just as powerful, and can cause even more damage, with the right sword. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aspen Sutton)
  • This is the most potent attack in Final Fantasy VII. Omnislash, the final limit break for Cloud Strife is 14 repeated critical slashes that are followed by powerful jumping cleaves. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jerimiah Pratt)