Omnisexual means: The attraction to two or more of the same gender is called Omnisexuality. Omnisexuality is an attraction to all genders but it’s not like pansexuality. A person who is omnisexual may prefer one gender over another, or their gender preference may be more important than it would for a pansexual. (in Community Dictionary, added by Giganticide)

What else does Omnisexual mean?

  • Omnisexuals are more gender-blind than Pansexuals. They acknowledge and even accept the person’s gender. Both Omnisexuals as well as Pansexuals are attracted to all genders. The awareness of gender is a key characteristic for Omnisexuals. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eugene Andersen)
  • Although the term Omnisexual is often used interchangeably with Pansexual, there are some who argue that the two terms are distinct. People who are attracted to people of all genders and orientations (male, female, genderqueer transvestites and bisexuals), include omnisexuals and asexuals. People are viewed by Omnisexuals for who they really are, not their gender identity or genitals. Omnisexual should not be used as a cover term for transsexuals. These terms should be covered by bisexual, gay, straight, and lesbian. The OmnisexualPansexual community’s well-known phrase is “Hearts Not Parts”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pío Soto)
  • People who are omnisexuals have the same characteristics as people who are pansexual. Pansexuals are also known as “genderblind”, meaning they don’t care about the gender of others but only the individual. They don’t care about the person’s gender long-term. (in Community Dictionary, added by ZacerElapse)
  • Being omnisexual can be considered to go along with being pansexual. Pansexuals aren’t likely to see gender the same way as we do. Omnisexuals, on the other hand, don’t view gender differently. Omnisexuals can be attracted to any human being, men or women. Omnisexuals are attracted to all genders and can switch between them frequently. They eventually find their soul mate, no matter what gender they’re in. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zacarías Moya)
  • Pansexuality and Omnisexuality are almost identical. There is one difference. Pansexuals are sometimes called “genderblind” because they don’t see gender and do not think about it. They only feel attracted to the person. However, Omnisexuals are able to see the gender of someone and recognize it. They also feel attracted towards all genders. Omnisexuals attract all genders but are not reliant on their gender. True pansexuals don’t pay much attention to gender but can still attract. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mario Blesa)
  • While omnisexuality can be described as being similar to someone who is pansexual, it’s a different thing. Omnisexuals identify their gender and others as such, but are not gender-blind. While omnisexuals are attracted to all genders, they tend to prefer one over the other. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nathanael Hatfield)