OMGHHKP means: Blair JuicyStar07 created the word “OMG” on YouTube. Elle AllThatGlitters21 created a meaning for her sister: “Octupus Make Weapons Having Hopes Keeping Peace”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ireneo Ortiz)

What else does OMGHHKP mean?

  • Blair first made it up on YouTube. Most people now think that the phrase means: Oh My God, Hungry Hippos Kill People. This is the most natural definition. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raegan Russo)
  • Rhyming is a fun way to say “oh em gee.” (in Community Dictionary, added by Hamza Kelly)
  • Blair (aka juicystar07) first used the phrase in a forever21 haul some time ago. This is a variation of omg, except that she used more random letters. You can pronounce it as omg double H k p. Many girls use it now because it’s so much fun. Blair was asked what the additional letters stood for and asked twitter viewers for help. She chose to use the term “oh my God help him keep peeing”, which she referred to Teddy, her dog boy. Although she initially didn’t understand what the expression meant when it was first used, she now knows that it could mean whatever you wish. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ana Márquez)
  • OMGHHKP O my God, hurray for happy people The saying makes you more excited than a normal omg. This was created by blair (aka juicystar07) on YouTube. Blair is unsure what the meaning of it may be so others might infer. Also known as gibberish. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alannah Monroe)