Often means: It is a regular basis. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chasity Petty)

What else does Often mean?

  • It is among the most incorrectly pronounced English words. This should rhyme with “coffin”. It’s not “off-ten”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Emiliano Pastor)
  • As someone has explained, this isn’t the most commonly mispronounced English word. The Longman Pronunciation Dictionary says that the word “often” can either be pronounced using the “t”, such as off-ten, or with no “t” at all. Both the form without the t or the form with the t are used by many speakers. Preference polls. Br. No t.73 with t.27. American English: no t.78 with 22 Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. (in Community Dictionary, added by Morphew)
  • You will see it many times. (in AZ Dictionary)