Odelay means: Odelay- v. 1 To have a song in your head. 2. To make a song stick in another’s mind by humming, singing, or whistling. (in Community Dictionary, added by Coprology)

What else does Odelay mean?

  • Hispanic Americans, or even Mexican Americans use this term. Meaning “FASHO” (in Community Dictionary, added by Crook)
  • A greeting is a slang term in latino-american cultures. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finley Brady)
  • Spanish mexican-american slang meaning “RIGHT ON” or “Alright”. This expression was first coined by CHICANOS California-based Latinos in the middle of 20th century, around 60’s This is not a Latino term. The term is used a lot by homeboys. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chaya Paul)
  • Beck’s incredible album of shapeshifting music. Odelay can also be translated as… (in Community Dictionary, added by Cedric Townsend)
  • The engineer recorded Beck’s 1996 album, “Lord Only Knows” and the track was referred to as “O-Del Ay”. This is based upon his intuitive understanding of the outro vocal. Beck actually sings “Orale”, which is a Hispanic term that means: 2. affirmation of something being impressive. 2. An agreement that includes a similar statement to “word” Alarm, surprise, or danger 4. A simple greeting 5. “hurry up” Beck loved the spelling error and named the album “Beach” after it. The word has a similar exclamatory function as its Spanish counterpart. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camilo Domínguez)