Octopussy means: A cryptus-like organism found in cookies left by young transsexual women. The Octopussy can be found in the cookies of young transsexual women. It will burrow deeper in the dough and begin massaging the skin. This will cause the subject to have multiple dreams and may even create a nightmare in which she fantasizes about her grandmother. The Octopussy crawls out from its bedsheets and takes in all liquids once the sun rises. The Octopussy is a slut whore and hormonic. (in Community Dictionary, added by Larry Deleon)

What else does Octopussy mean?

  • This vagine can pop out 8 little rugrats. It is rare, and the result of mad scientists from Beverly Hills. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cedric Townsend)
  • To get octopussy, you have sex with eight or more women at once. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abdullah Monroe)
  • The Viking mythology is well-known for the fact that octopuss (originally applied octopussy) was the process of applying the marine creature to one’s genetalia. The viking would place the octopuss on his dick, and allow the creature to grasp his body with its eight tentacles. The viking would then forcefully pull on the head of the octopuss, creating a vaginal sensation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chase Berg)
  • Roger Moore’s sixth Bond movie, which featured a plot to trade counterfeit Romanov jewelry in exchange for a nuclear weapon that would explode at an American Airbase in West Germany. Kamal Khan Louis Jourdan, General Orlov Steven Berkoff were the villains Maud Adams is Octopussy’s title role. This marks her second appearance in Bond. Kristina wayborn plays the role of a love interest. This is one of my favorite Bond films. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inés Velasco)