OCG means: OCG, or the old catle Ghetto, is an illegal ghetto that was established in Crete near the Gazi- Rodgia region in Summer 2020. Many crimes have been committed by the ghetto, which is why it’s so well-known in this area. Ocg is well-known in Heraklion, where secret members reside there and rule their area. Ocg is believed to have been confronted with police each time he tried to escape from the authorities. (in Community Dictionary, added by Psychomancy)

What else does OCG mean?

  • OCG stands for Oriental Crip Gang. It was created by three people whose names remain anonymous for safety and discrimination reasons. They can be found in the Middle Tennessee region. If you are familiar with them, they can be certified and are officially recognized. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adalberto Ferrer)
  • Abbreviation of “Obsessive Compulsive Googleling”. Listeners will Google a question or topic that you have mentioned in conversation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Devyn Estes)
  • Obsessive compulsive googler. A person who searches for information on Google all the time. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zaniyah Lawrence)
  • OCG is Original Crip Gang or Original Cambodian Gang. In Stockton CA, in 1980s. Members are mainly of Cambodian descent. They are the most fearsome Asian Gangs and claim Royal Blue. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brady Griffin)
  • For stands O-Official C-Card G-Grammar These are specific terms and phrases that must be used to create a trading card card. Yugioh, in particular. (in Community Dictionary, added by Landyn Cowan)