obatarian means: Japanese idiom taken directly from American film “Battalion”. All Japanese words begin with the vowel “o”, and sound like battalion sans the L’s. This term is used to describe little ladies who use their elbows in order to navigate through crowds. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lina Newton)

What else does obatarian mean?

  • For a rude and pushy middle-aged or old-aged Japanese child, this slang is obsolete. It’s a combination of “oba”, which is grandmother, and “tarian”, which sounds like something an anime might give to a Godzilla-like creature. (in Community Dictionary, added by Poltroon)
  • It is generally believed that the name “Oba” (Japanese for middle-aged woman) and “batarian” (Japanese for “Return of the Living Dead”) are a combination of the two words. The Japanese obatarians behave like flesh-eating zombies. Obatarians are selfish, and will not abide or be oblivious to socially acceptable behaviour. The typical obatarian looks short and stout and wears a perm. She is also unfashionably dressed in house slippers. According to some academics, Japan’s falling birthrate is due to the tendency of young Japanese women becoming obatarians. (in Community Dictionary, added by Talon Woodward)
  • Pejoratively, the obatarian refers to a combination of the Japanese “obasan”, or old lady, and the English “battalion” It is implied that she is polite as well as patient as any soldier battalion. To a Japanese, the expression sounds like the name for an Anime hero, whose energy this old lady possesses. Evidently, the previous definition was written by someone who only knows Japanese. This is completely incorrect. It’s also not true that all Japanese words start with a word. What about sushi? (in Community Dictionary, added by Ernesto Jenkins)