nyash-myash means: Nia nya can be described as a feeling of tenderness, expressed in the form of affection towards animals or people such as Natalia Poklonskaya. The Japanese word Nya means “meow” and was adopted into Russian from anime. Niasha Nyasha is a term for someone you “nya for”. Although the term is now used in the modern sense of the word, it is thought to have originated from “nya”, or is at least very similar emotionally to “nya”. However, “bottom” was a dry lake that had dirt and smells. Nyash-myash was a section of Natalia’s speech in which she was asked questions about her internet fame. The “myash” here is a word play that Jewish, Russian, Ukrainian and some other people use to playfully and non-angrily diminish the importance, like “bagel-schmagel”, “president-schmesident” or “sashlik-mashlik”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Larry Deleon)