Normalfag means: The typical internet-using brainlet. The normalfags, mentally retarded sheeple subhumans, listen to, read, and play with everything mainstream. Bluepilled bluepilled mongoloids will believe everything you read on the internet, especially history. They’ll autistically scream at anyone who doesn’t praise the device and its overhyped entertainment. Because they live in their faggy, sheltered worlds, these mongoloids are prone to thinking like other people and will sperge out or go full moralfag when someone makes a political error. They are your typical consoomer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zayne Jordan)

What else does Normalfag mean?

  • An individual who cannot think for himself and does not follow the common consensus, especially when it comes to social media like Instagram or Twitter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Andres Yang)
  • This is a term used to describe someone who feels insecure about their life and avoids any lifestyles that are different from theirs. People who enjoy a benign hobby they do not like are more likely to get upset. Imageboards that are anonymously based will be most likely to show up. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nigel Richard)
  • A normal person is not necessarily one who lives a normal lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if it is different from what the norm expects. (in Community Dictionary, added by Consuelo Vargas)
  • A person who surfs on 4chan, but lives a normal lifestyle and has social lifeworksattends college. The term is used primarily by jealous neckbeards to make a mockery of them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thalia Villanueva)
  • An insult used to refer to the opposite of internet users. People who are normalfags enjoy the mainstream and lead a typical, boring, uninformed life. The most typical normalfag trait is ignorance of internet culture, underground media, and lesser-known music, anime, and video games. They also reject subcultures, fetishes and life style they don’t understand or like. Normalfags have a desire for normal life. The word has four main uses. First, to ridicule someone’s ignorance and secondly call them stupid or boring. Second, to mock the person’s pathetic lifestyle. For the most part, this is a small-minded slap at someone for living a normal life with a girlfriend or social life. The third and fourth examples can be combined if the normalfag is trolling, or flaunting their social lives. (in Community Dictionary, added by Johnathan Barrett)