noobitis means: The most common form of Noobitis disease is found in North America. You can spread the disease by being in close contact with someone infected. Here are the signs and symptoms to help you determine if someone in your family has it. People you are close to will go out of their ways to keep you away People call you noob or loser. -You have a stupid name like Craig,Simon,Lawrence,James,Daniel, or Larry. You are an absolute crybaby, and others would agree with that assessment about you You claim you don’t think you’re a noob, even though everyone around you says so You play noob-games and claim that they are cool You have poor information about everything -You always fail at life You think you are really amazing but don’t have any friends -Nobody loves you -You’re into noobplay You try to make people guess your middle name to grab attention. (in Community Dictionary, added by Benito Peña)

What else does noobitis mean?

  • This is a severe condition where the noob gland becomes inflamed over time. You could contract nobitis by being exposed to them. It is important to be cautious when you meet someone with noobitis. You may end up becoming a noob. It is a terrible and terrible fate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leonardo Marín)
  • This is a disease that can be contracted by those who don’t have the ability to play any type of games. (in Community Dictionary, added by Peyton Robinson)
  • This is a disease that spreads by touching, looking, and verbal masturbation. Are you unsure if this is the disease for you? A failing life is not an option Your friends won’t be calling you anymore Your parents have stopped calling you. Your grandma has stopped calling you. You have just cancelled your phone service because you are inactive -you like clay aiken You have majoritis sweatus. You’re a priest, and somebody dies at your party These symptoms are just a small selection. Please let these symptoms go if you are experiencing them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Flabbergast)