Non-Traditional Slytherin means: Non-traditional Slytherins – These are the ones who take Salazar’s traits and tradition and toss it aside and create a new Slytherin. Non-traditional Slytherins – These are people who had hoped to live in another house but were disappointed when they found out that Slytherin was not available. They either believe the stereotype that we are all evil, or have viewed themselves as another house for many years. They are stuck here, even though they would like to go elsewhere. So they choose to be “good” Slyths. These are the ones that display the best qualities of different houses. This proves to them they are more than other snakes. It may also help to alleviate their bad feelings about being here. As if it’s good, they think that showing they are a Slyth is enough. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sh4dowmerPagoda)