Noel means: A loving, sensual, and awkward person. Noel is a friend and loves to hug people. You may be surprised by her positive outlook and “naughty” side. Peanut butter is her favorite, but she can be very fussy about what food she eats. (in Community Dictionary, added by Landyn Cowan)

What else does Noel mean?

  • Correct spelling for the misspelled “Noelle” (in Community Dictionary, added by Yareli Potter)
  • Noel is a friendly, caring and sweet guy who never fails to make people laugh. You will always find them smiling and making everyone feel comfortable. They will not give up if they set their eyes on something. These guys are athletic and have a good body. Many people find them attractive because of their beautiful eyes. They are usually tall and dark, with a handsome appearance. They are loyal to their pets and work hard. Although they are charming, sometimes it can become a little annoying or confusing. These people are very outgoing, love making friends and talking a lot. A Noel is a great friend and a nice addition to your life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pedro Page)
  • He is a fun, friendly guy that everyone likes. Because he’s so cool, everyone wants him to be their friend. Noel is a natural leader who can become the class president, captain of varsity sports or just an all-around trendsetting badass. While most people think that he’s a loner, he actually is kind and caring. (in Community Dictionary, added by Casiano García)
  • Cool, unique names that can be given to someone who is powerful, strong and straight-up badass, but who also has many admirers and is still chill. It is a joke because it signifies Christmas, which white people don’t understand how to pronounce. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erico Jiménez)