Nigglett means: “Nigglett” nig l@ t Simply defined: A person who is less than 2 years old. Alternative application: Any nigger who meets the requirements to be considered or regarded as “baby” He may have grown up to be a toddler, but he is still my Nigglett until he goes to school. Street slang definition: An “nigger”, or someone of an alternate ethnicity, who by their behavior, word, and other demonstrated attribute, no matter whether it is present in the future or in the past, can, or should, be labeled a baby. The term “Baby” could be used in mocking, derogatory sense, tone, and tone. “Checkout this total Nigglett over here, having a temper tantrum because he missed a hair and styling appointment for his mini Chihuahua “Dante IIV” and they’re attending a Dinner Gala this evening for a charity helping those suffering “hypofashionectitisis” which is when persons compulsively choose outfits which result in train wrecks or at least derailments or are symptomatic of total and complete lack of fashion sense. The dog is acting maturely than he should, Silly Nigglett. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Calvities)

What else does Nigglett mean?

  • Black males and females under 10 years old. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jayla Joyce)