nigganometry means: The study of niggas is also known as Nigahh-nawme-tree. It involves studying the reasons niggas lie and cheat, their motives for playing girls, how they act, what they do to others, who they trick, why labels don’t suit them, why don’t they text back, where they came from, and even their roots. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madison Shaw)

What else does nigganometry mean?

  • Study of basic life principles for a nigga. (in Community Dictionary, added by Angeline Perkins)
  • This is a form of math that refers to certain activities only. These include welfare, drugs and whores, pimping, unemployment, as well as a variety of other activities. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brooklynn Carter)
  • Study of Nigga. You can also study full-time at University. The courses include fried chicken and watermelon. You automatically receive the n-word pass if you earn a masters degree in nigganometry. Black people can get a Masters degree in Nigganometry. (in Community Dictionary, added by Domingo Benítez)
  • These are the methods that niggas employ to get through math class. This could include cheating or bribing the teacher, and giving them heads. (in Community Dictionary, added by Harper Delacruz)
  • It may be further back, but the first time I remember hearing the Phrase “nigganometry” was on Canibus’ 1998 album “Can-I-Bus”. The song, simply called “nigganometry”, uses quick-witted Q to illustrate examples of nigganometry. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lorenzo Trujillo)