Nevaeh means: In every possible way, she is stunning. It’s a nickname for someone who is really freaky in bed. You can be turned on by her in a split second. Do not test her. She is kind and will tell you the truth. She’s a beautiful, sexy animal. You can’t get a better friend than her. She is deserving of all the best. We love you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Barbate)

What else does Nevaeh mean?

  • Nevaeh means heaven in backwords. It has been a difficult journey, but she is still strong for her friends and family. Nevaeh can be shy and not open to sharing her feelings, but once she’s been around for awhile, you won’t want to let go. You will be your best friend. You can count on her to be there when you most need her help. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reuben Whitaker)
  • She is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She will make you fall in love. You could smile at her without ever looking at your face. You will never be disappointed by her beauty and her sexy personality. Although she is very insecure about her body, she knows that you’ll always be there for her. Her inner beauty only surpasses her outer beauty. You won’t have to fear heights because she will fall for you: In order to give your daughter the happiness she desires, you will do everything in your power to make it happen. You will not want her to go, she is unique and very special. Sometimes she can’t even see someone who truly loves her. Someone who cares about her and treats her well. Because she is so important, that person would kill her for her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mila Griffin)
  • Nevaeh means heaven backwards. You will never meet someone like her. You will be awestruck by her adorable dimples. Although she is kind and caring, be aware that she can get offended by you. She will then make you feel guilty about what she did. She is sensitive to the feelings of others and doesn’t enjoy seeing people hurt. Her dark brown hair and eyes are typical. She loves to cheer up people and is athletic. She is a very athletic woman who will make you laugh faster than you can blink. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erica Chavez)
  • She is an amazing girl. (in Community Dictionary, added by MandirLingo)
  • She is clearly a toughass, capable of handling anything. Yet, she’s caring, funny and friendly. She is faithful to her word and brings laughter into your daily life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Patricia Mcgrath)
  • Nevaeh is heaven spelt backwards. Nevaeh, a lovely name for an amazing person. Nevaeh is a caring, funny and compassionate person. However, she can sometimes be selfish. Although she can sometimes be temperamental, she is a great friend and will stick with you until the end. When you are sick, she will be there for you. You can ask her for advice, if needed. LOL. You are a gorgeous person, inside and outside. She also has amazing eyes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stephany Huerta)