Netorare means: A term used for a story theme that focuses on a particular type of cheatingunfaithfulness in a relationship in an adult-oriented real-life video, manga, or anime. The person that cheats is initially forced against their will either physically, by being blackmailed, or by the influence of an ingested or injected mind-altering substance by the instigatorsperpetrators to participate in a sexual encounter but then is mind-bended to enjoy andor accept the experience. The cheater may not like the instigators and might say that they love their partner at all times in the story. However, it ends up continuing the relationship with them. The cheater is often unaware that the victim has been betrayed. If the victim does not know the perpetrators, they may also have an inkling of their actions. Many stories hint that victims may not know about their continued affairs. While this theme may be shocking and anger some, others might find it amusing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiana Soto)

What else does Netorare mean?

  • Literally, it means “cuckold”, and the abbreviation NTR can be translated as “hentai” or “hentai”. In this genre, a heroine is shown to have a significant other. This could be either a husband or boyfriend. This will show that the heroine is in intimate relationships with another man, provoking jealousy among the viewers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maximillian Gibson)