Neobrite means: An electro-rock musician James Kay, and Brandon Kay formed this music project. BIO: Neobrite was founded in Summer 2010, in suburban Detroit by James Kay, a musician who wanted to make music without the constraints of playing in a band. James realized the power of record software and began programming music with the synthesizer. The synthesizer is versatile and offers a wide range of sounds, which is largely due to its versatility. James set up a recording studio in his room and started to make music at school and work. On June 16, 2010, the first single “Where am I” was posted to MySpace. He began working on his first album, later called “Digital Nights”, from there. Brandon Kay James, his older brother, joined Neobrite in January 2011 as the drummer on both live and studio performances. Digital Nights was released worldwide via digital distribution. It is available through many online retailers such as Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon. is the exclusive source for physical copies. On April 18, “Life”, the newest single from The Killers, was available on iTunes as well as other online retailers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaylee Skinner)