neo-luddite means: A person who is secretly hostile to technology but finds it necessary to use it due to social or other reasons. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ally Arias)

What else does neo-luddite mean?

  • The Industrial Revolution saw a new proponent of Ned Ludd’s ideas and those of his associates, who demolished industrial technology while it was happening. Neo-luddites can take many forms and are opposed to technology. These include those who call themselves radical traditionalists and oppose technology because it subverts their traditional faith-based values. Some, called “primitivists”, believe technology and civilisation are intrinsically repressive. This is because they force people to go against their instincts and interfere with natural eugenics population control. The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski and Derrick Jensen are just a few of the famous neo-Luddites. However, it must be noted that people like the Unabomber represent a rare exception and not the norm. (in Community Dictionary, added by Canoodle)