Negrotism means: Favoritism towards Negroes: favouring Negroes, etc. in employment. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luis Núñez)

What else does Negrotism mean?

  • Negrotism refers to a form of blackness or invisible “black matter”, which radiates from someone who has a high degree of Negrosity. Negrotism is commonly seen in people who smoke weed, or other drug combinations such as Jeffrey. Negrotism can be transmitted from any subject, regardless of whether or not they are black. As long as their Negrosity level is high enough. Negrotism may sometimes be attracted from outside sources, such as another person radiating Negrotism. Negrotism is easier to absorb if the person consumes more grape drinks, cornbread, fried chicken and corn. (in Community Dictionary, added by Scott Nelson)