negrocity means: A crime committed by an African American. (in Community Dictionary, added by Natalie Ramsey)

What else does negrocity mean?

  • A black man who is ignorant and uninformed commits atrocities. These acts can include robbing and killing and pickpocketing in mass transit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Saniyah Monroe)
  • These are measures of your nigga status. (in Community Dictionary, added by Epifanía Giménez)
  • Negrocity, a slur of race and an offensive mathematical problem is the ability to determine one’s blackness through the calculation of one’s big-ass-to-laziness. Often, this is the real reason behind minority unemployment. -Negrocity can be judged by its shades. These range from cracked white to Eddie Murphy As you can see, the equation looks as follows: N: Negrocity The Weed: Time frame for biweekly: T smoked perday: 20 D’s lip density: LD WE: Welfare EQUATION: N: LD6.13x20D’s+WWE-T. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thomas Harding)
  • Noun: A state in which you are in chaos, or a time of great frustration. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ramon Mcneil)