Necrophobia means: Fear of death, living organisms and other things that can be associated with them. This should not be confused with the fear of death, or thanatophobia. Necrophobia, which is often thought to encompass it all, does not. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kallie Frederick)

What else does Necrophobia mean?

  • Fear of death and other dead things (in Community Dictionary, added by Jeramiah Moon)
  • The fear of dead corpses is called necrophobia. This includes not only people, but also animals. This fear also includes people, things, and ceremonies that are associated with death, such as funerals, undertakers and morticians. Another definition of necrophobia is a fear that the spirits of the deceased will haunt them again, inflicting harm on their lives. (in Community Dictionary, added by Grady Turner)
  • An abnormal fear of death; A constant fear or process of dying. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pío Martínez)
  • A fear that death or corpses is abnormal. (in AZ Dictionary)