Naugatuck means: Naugatuck, a small Connecticut town where most people are hobos is run poorly. It used to be renowned for its shoe-making industry. After the shoes company closed down, they dumped the entire toxic waste in the Naugatuck River. (in Community Dictionary, added by Uriel Hardy)

What else does Naugatuck mean?

  • Connecticut is a small and populated city. It was originally established in 1701 to be a farm community. However, during the Industrial Age it became a major milling and rubber manufacturing center. This town was home to the Goodyear Company, which was founded in 1890. From the 1900s to the 1980s many more manufacturing companies specialized in technology, chemicals, metals and shoes. The rich had different strategies for making more money. They either shut down their businesses or moved on. It was left with a lot of empty houses, badly maintained roads and a polluted Naugatuck River. Naugatuck has been weakened by the problems of the past. It is now a place with: a bizarre politics, which only makes empty promises; businesses that open in grand style but close after a year because rents are too high; a mixture of residents who have large houses on Cul de Sacs and renters who can only live on Section 8. A failing Education System with too few children in a class is a problem. (in Community Dictionary, added by Danielle Cuevas)