Namira means: Amazing person. Amazing heart. Beautiful Attitude. Virtuous. There are too many positive qualities to list. Although not always happy, he tries his best to make everyone smile. Likes to give gifts, but not receive them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dayana Hunter)

What else does Namira mean?

  • You will never meet someone more fun, cute and angelic than her. She radiates beauty like the sun shines on her. She can be quite a hoe at night but that’s OK because she is so sexy. She is honest and direct, but she doesn’t play games. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tori Gay)
  • Many might love her. Her beauty is stunning. T. is her surname While I may not care for others, I do love my wife. True love is it. She’s a loving person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Johnny Snow)
  • Namira is a very loving person. She deserves the example of sentences that I love. She deserves love. She has big dreams. It is worth living her dreams. She’ll make her dad proud. It would have been wonderful if her mother had lived to witness her daughter’s successes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tobías Álvarez)
  • Namira refers to a pretty girl. Probabilities are that her surname begins with T and ends in R. Her character is so lovable and she has such pure heart. Everybody likes her, and I love her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nathalie Mooney)