naitsirhc means: People who worship Satan and are completely opposed to Christians. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sharon Lin)

What else does naitsirhc mean?

  • Nait Sirhc, an alias of Christian, is used by only a few powerful and influential men around the globe. This nickname or alias can be used by anyone who is truly extraordinary. Because “Nait Sirhc”, which spells “Christian,” is something that only the smartest people can see, it’s easy to confuse the use of this pseudonym and the real name of the person who bears the Soubriquet Rouge. This often results in the Soubriquet Rouge being cloaked with mystery and enigma. The assumption is that any person who can use this pseudonym will either have or already possess the predisposition to wine, song, and women. The world’s richest people have a penchant for finer things, such as luxury supercars and premium cigars. They also enjoy a friendly dymamism. This alias can be used by anyone who does not have the name “Christian”. It is considered blasphemy, and could result in death or a fine up to 100,000. (in Community Dictionary, added by Belén Flores)