Mursuit means: Mursuits are fursuits that can be worn by Furry Fanatics who also engage in sexual activities while in their suits. Most often, Mursuits are different from Fursuits in one key way. The suit is modified to allow the wearer to have sexual contact with another mursuiter. This part of Furry Fandom is what most people, even decent furs, find undesirable. Please note that I am speaking for ALL decent Furries and only 6 of Furries have an interest in sexual fursuring. We fursuit 94 times BECAUSE: We enjoy it, it’s enjoyable. Enjoy acting as your “spiritanimal” Take joy in showing off your inner “fursonality”. Don’t judge Furries solely on less-respected Mursuiters. While we may be anthropomorphic, we are still humans. If you treat us with respect, we’ll be there to help you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brassage)