muppies means: The album is also known as “Mobile Uploads”, on Facebook. When a preppy, jappy, or slutty woman uploads a photo to facebook as a muppie. These pictures are usually taken with Blackberries or iPhones. Muppies are known for their cuteness and willingness to look at the camera. Muppies rarely smile when people are around them. The following photos are part of an album called “Muppies”. 1. Funny things 2. Photos of friends or relatives and uploader while drunk. Most likely, a drunk caption such as “loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch oxooxo night at the clunb #3” 3. Photos of the couple before going out to a club, or party. 4. Schools 5. Photos of older men (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenya Fernandez)