Munter means: The beauty fairy left a girl in her place. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alfonso Molina)

What else does Munter mean?

  • This woman is so hideous in appearance that it would be easier to scour one’s eyes than grab a glimpse of her. She is so deformed, and without any appealing attributes that it would be a crime to put her in her shoes. Your diet is what defines you, and the munters have eaten every ugly person they could. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finn Hubbard)
  • An especially ugly young woman. Also can be used verbally, as an example. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sandra Fernández)
  • The term is most often used to refer to an extremely unattractive woman who you would not touch with a shittystick. Sometimes pronounced as “munner” in scotland with a Glottal stop. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisca Carrasco)