Mumfie means: Unsane boy who has a tiny penis but has a lot of attitude. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adalberto Muñoz)

What else does Mumfie mean?

  • Britt Allcroft created “The Magic Adventures of Mumfie”, an animated television series for children in 1994. According to Katherine Tozer’s books, Mumfie was a very special elephant that had no friends. Mumfie would always run to his mailbox every morning, hoping for adventure. He was all wrapped up in a small parcel. Mumfie realizes that adventure doesn’t come in packages and heads off into the woods looking for them. Mumfie first meets Scarecrow who is ungainly, stuck in a field and Pinkey, a flying Pig. They have many adventures together. Unfortunately, Mumfie’s genius seems to have been lost over the past 15 years. Few people can recall the lovable Pachyderm. Five beings believe Mumfie existed, as I remember. Dawn French is the one I blame. For most of the things, I also blame Dawn French. Global warming, some cancers, and the great famine are just a few of the many problems that we face. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dean Moses)