Multigasm means: Multiple orgasms can be performed simultaneously, including vaginal, clitoral and anal. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mason Rios)

What else does Multigasm mean?

  • Multigasm An amalgamation of the words “Multiple” & “Orgasm” Multimax, like Multimax, is one of Multiple and Climax. 1. Multiple Orgasms are a way to have sexual intercourse with multiple people at once. This is almost impossible if you’re a male. Every man envies a woman who can do these things. It all depends on the sexual partner you have and their ability to do deeds, fingering and cunnilingus, aka eating pussy, and many other things. Multigasm can be a great technique if you are planning to visit the Palace of Love soon. (in Community Dictionary, added by Natalia Carrasco)