multiculturalism means: Cultural diversity is more important than useless ideology. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaiden Johns)

What else does multiculturalism mean?

  • It doesn’t work. Although the elite would like us to think multicultural countries are wonderful and we wouldn’t mind that, we can’t deny they’re racist. The truth is that multiculturalism destroys diversity and allows us to manipulate and control it. All colours are possible when you mix them together. You get one boring, ugly colour. Each country has its own traditions, ideologies, and culture that have been accumulated over many years. All of these are destroyed by multiculturalism or globalism. Example: Juliette: Juliette, why do Americans have so many racial issues? It’s almost like everyone hates each other. Anna: They’re a melting-pot and there’s mass manipulation through the media, clash of ideologies and cultures just as in Brazil or other melting pot nations. Look at Paris and London. They were once beautiful cities. Now, they are shitholes. Nicole: Shitholes You’re accusing immigrants of being racist because these areas aren’t White anymore Anna: It’s not because they are of their race. I said that it was the ideology from their country. The mindset. What’s the problem with homogenizing countries? Are you racist? (in Community Dictionary, added by Caitlin Cline)
  • 1. The belief that people can co-exist with others from different cultures, and are able to accept their differences as is. This idea differs from excluding minority groups or making them into our clones. It seems that it has replaced the outdated idea of the melting pot. This leads to greater appreciation and knowledge for different languages and cultures. It is cool to know more than English. 2 It is often used as a code for reactionary rednecks, aside from the benign, actual meaning. Talk radio hosts use the term “multiculturalism” to describe all listeners. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eva Hubbard)