mullins means: Verb. Verb. To make something irreparably wrong by using too many shortcuts. This term can also be used for the process of making something work with minimal effort, although it is not always easy. It can also be used to describe the act of helping someone along, by showing that they have the minimum level of competency necessary to accomplish a task. (in Community Dictionary, added by Travis Gonzalez)

What else does mullins mean?

  • Mullins. This compliment is only given in exceptional circumstances when the individual in question has accomplished something too great to be compared with other compliments. This name is derived from the “Mullins”, a family that has been an exceptional blessing to humanity for many centuries. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovany Jimenez)
  • Verb: To make a mistake in a seemingly simple task; to make a problem worse with potentially disastrous consequences. Noun: Someone who does a lot of mucking around. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cheyanne Fry)