Morph means: A combination of dwarf and monkey offspring. (in Community Dictionary, added by MattheusTonus)

What else does Morph mean?

  • V. A process in which the partners are stationary but subject to back and forth physiological switches in their genders. The friction between the sets of genitalia invert into each other is what creates stimulation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Balduino Medina)
  • Pornography is an image which has been altered to increase the size of a woman’s breasts, or any other parts, by using image editing software such as Photoshop. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pío López)
  • Sometimes the impossible can happen in a videogame. Sometimes, too many graphics can overlap or merge into one. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leticia Floyd)
  • One’s face begins to fall after a night of heavy drinking. It’s almost as if the person who drank has transformed into a new person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miguel Calvo)
  • Computer can transform an image. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • To be changed. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A variety of distinct species forms (e.g., color variants) that can be found in different stages of the organism’s life cycle. (in AZ Dictionary)