Moronicism means: Noun. An approach to living that’s more than “foolish”, or not able to judge well. In terms of sheer idiocy, the philosophy of moronicism is superior to mere moronism. This group of people tends to come from upper-middle to upper class backgrounds and use more flowery language than necessary for the particular circumstances. Moron is a word that means: 1910 from Gk. Attic moron, neut. Moros is “foolish and dull”, probably cognate to Skt. Murah is “idiotic”; L. morus, “foolish”, is borrowed from Gk. The American Association for the Study of the Feebleminded adopted it with the technical definition of “adult with mental age between 8-12;”. It was used in an insult from 1922, but has since been dropped. Linnaus introduced morisis, “idiocy.” “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Israel Marshall)