Morg means: Ejaculation is the process of entering the spirit animal’s body through one’s tears. The eyes become completely white when one mogs them, giving it the appearance of being wargs. Morging can cause cornea crabs and a burning sensation. People also say that “those aren’t tears”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alfonso Molina)

What else does Morg mean?

  • A dangerously high dose of cocaine, usually used by someone who wants to alter the course of an evening. An ‘aggger’ or “honker” A ‘widow-maker’. (in Community Dictionary, added by Borja Romero)
  • Smoke slang (in Community Dictionary, added by Kristin Oneal)
  • Morgs are a common term to describe the Amazonian-human hybrid Morg, which was created after the Roswell incidents. Strangely, Morgs appear before the success of the Pokemon franchise. However, their soft and bouncy cheeks, pointy ears, and gentle disposition remind us of electric Raichu. Morgs can be found in very small numbers, but they often appear to good-hearted people because of their innocence. Morgs are notoriously difficult to please. They will eat a lot of cheese, pasta and pizza, as well as any other food. Morgs are legendary for bringing extraordinary luck to those they consider their friend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Iyana Mullen)
  • Morg n: Salt Lake City, Utah is the home of The Mormon Church. The Mormon Church’s collective membership. Etymology refers to the groupthink mentality that members of the Mormon Church have similar to Paramount’s Star Trek: The Next Generation series. The Morg, as well the Borg, are both collectives that seek to conquer baptism in the case the Morg and assimilate all cultures they encounter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Balduino Muñoz)