Mooshgunta means: It is the act of inserting toothpaste in an individual’s anal cavity. This is called The Official Mooshgunta, however it is possible to get a live one. It is usually served with a Canadian waffle. (in Community Dictionary, added by Estrella Odonnell)

What else does Mooshgunta mean?

  • “Mooshgunta,” which was first developed at Canadian summer camps, is usually performed by men on men. However, it is not homosexual. It is the act or inputting toothpaste into an individual’s cavity. Ideally, the person must be asleep. It is important to not wake them, as the toothpaste will solidify. It is difficult to remove toothpaste once it has hardened. For added humor, the toothpaste must be dug or “douched out” using a utensil. It is known as a Mooshgunta when the subject is asleep, while a live mooshgunta occurs when the subject is awake. The subject may flail in most instances. It takes several people to do the act. You also need to be patient and hold them down for a long time so that the toothpaste sets. Sometimes a Canadian waffle can be performed in conjunction with the mooshgunta. Canadian waffles are made by placing a tennis racket on the cheeks of the recipient of the mooshgunta. Significant weight is used to imprint the strings with a significant amount of weight to make a pattern that looks like a waffle. The imprint will stay for a long time if done properly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aurelio Martín)