Moon-dogging means: Stealing a drink from someone else is a common offense. This is a common job for those with no jobs. Moon dogging can be done at many levels. Beginners should not attempt the advanced methods. Level 1: The Basic Moon Dog: Borrowing a glass of water from someone while you are not looking. Level 2: The Proper Moon Dog: Taking a drink while someone is distracted or with their back turned. This is usually done in groups of two by beginners. Level 3: The Full Moon Dog: Stealing someone’s whole drink when they’re not looking. To finish the drink, the moon-dogger will usually move to the opposite end of the bar. Level 4: The Moon Coon: Stealing someone’s whole drink and then passing it along to another person. It doesn’t have to be obvious that the recipient is drinking stolen beverages. Hilarity is a common outcome. (in Community Dictionary, added by Danna Ayala)