moolenan means: Italian slang is Moolenan, which stands for Person with Dark Pigmented Skin. Italians are also known for their darker mixed race, such as Sicilian and Southern Italian. This can be used to refer to someone as a “nigger”, or “lazy-nigger” in a more positive way than calling them a “nigger”, or “lazy “nigger” since that would imply that they are useless or lazy. The term “nigger” is used to describe someone who is slow or lazy. Here’s another definition of “nigger”: Main Entry: Nig*ger Pronunciation: ‘ni-gr Function: noun Etymology is the alteration or renaming of an earlier neger. This could be from Middle French negre to Spanish/Portuguese negro, negro dark, Latin niger. 1. Usually offensive, see the usage paragraph below: A black person 2 Usually offensive, see the usage paragraph below: A member of any dark-skinned racial group 3: A member of a class of socially disadvantaged persons It’s now that somebody is going to be the leader of all America’s niggers…all those who feel excluded from the political process. Ron Dellums The usage of Nigger in terms 1 and 2 is found in works by Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. However, it ranks among the most offensive, inflammatory, and offensive racial slurs in English. Although it’s not intended to be offensive or used among blacks, the word is also used in other senses that express racial hate and bigotry. Moolenan refers to the person’s skin color. Italians even call Sicilians and Italians darker than them Moolenan moolin-yahn, or moolie. As Rick James was said to have called Charlie Murphy and Eddie Murphy “The Darknesses” while ribbing them. This is a direct relation to the appearance of Eggplants in similar shapes and colors. Moolenan should not be uttered in the same way as nigger. The meaning is more like, “Damn! You have so much tan that you look like an eggplant.” Or “You are as red as Lobster!” Personality and character do not matter. It’s a funny joke in Italian. The minced oath is “Moolie”, which can be described as a butchered version of it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tomas Torres)