Mook means: Mook mook Slang n. A person who is insignificant and/or contemptible. “mook.” American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language Fourth Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company. 2004. 17 Jul. 2009. (in Community Dictionary, added by Germán Vega)

What else does Mook mean?

  • The original meaning of Mook was an Italian-American male. Mick is a reference to an Irish-American man. Modern usage goes beyond income and ethnicity to describe a person who’s not gifted in athletics or mental abilities, particularly in a given moment. Mook can be used to refer to a person’s loudness or clumsiness, or as a jokey knucklehead. It is especially common in New York City and Atlantic City. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bailey Mccann)
  • Italian-American abbreviation of malook 1. A person with little social standing and not deserving of respect. A term used to describe a normal guy. An incompetent individual. (in Community Dictionary, added by Psychomancy)
  • An ignorant or disgraceful person. (in AZ Dictionary)