monthsary means: An anniversary celebration, but only for one month. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maddison Pope)

What else does monthsary mean?

  • Similar to an anniversary, but on a monthly basis instead of yearly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luis Harvey)
  • It is a common term among Filipinos. This is actually meant to represent monthiversary. It is used for whatever reason. Monthary means that the couple is together for at least one month. Therefore, monthsary is used instead of anniversary. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sandra May)
  • Refer to the number 2 below. dis-etymology: A corruption of “anniversarius”, Latin for “annus”, year + “versarius”, to return to or to revisit. disambiguation: 1. Mensis is Latin for “month”. It should therefore be called “mensiversary”, which is shorthand for menses, as anyone who celebrates such a thing more often than not, will have his or her monthly period. 2. Because “month” in spanish is called after moon luna, it’s safe to assume that any person who celebrates the event is a lunatic. (in Community Dictionary, added by Catherine Sanford)
  • A significant day is very similar to an anniversary but it’s celebrated in months instead of anniversaries, which are measured in years. There are 11 months between an event and its anniversary. The 12th is already considered to be an anniversary. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roderick Pittman)