monitor malaise means: Monitor malaise can take two forms. 1. Falling asleep after looking at the same document for a long time. This is when your eyes glaze over and you can’t focus on the screen for more than a few seconds. 2 Feeling overwhelmed, or trapped at your desk. It’s been so frustrating staring at your computer screen for too long, that you will use every excuse you can to get away from the task. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erica Chavez)

What else does monitor malaise mean?

  • Computer users are able to create a fictional condition. They are afraid of computers so they make up a story about how the computer makes them feel. c.f. motion sickness. Relatively speaking, people have no symptoms when they are in front of monitors for long periods. (in Community Dictionary, added by RuddleapTwink)
  • If you become sick looking at the computer monitor. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dorian Harrell)