mongol means: A mongolian person. These same boys, along with Ghenghis Khan, were the horse archers and heavy cavalry that dominated a large part of the globe. The hordes were eventually split up into many hordes. The armies of the Horde were then reorganized and filled with troops from conquered regions. (in Community Dictionary, added by Damion Roman)

What else does mongol mean?

  • One race lives in Asia and kicks their asses. Mongols, also known as Mongolians, invaded the half of the globe in the 1200s. (in Community Dictionary, added by Javion Nixon)
  • If given the chance, a Mongolian national will take off and conquer the entire world. The Chinese despise the term Mongol because they are familiar with Mongols Them. Note: If you ever find yourself under attack by Mongols, surrender to them at the first opportunity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laurel Villarreal)