momzilla means: If your mom is a mother and your children leave toys all over the house, you will find yourself unable to walk around your home without landing on small people or houses. You start screaming so loud it looks like a scene in Godzilla. (in Community Dictionary, added by Actuate)

What else does momzilla mean?

  • A ‘new mom’ is one who’s so focused on her baby that they become obsessive. They could also develop into control freaks. These are the people who talk endlessly about their children and take a lot of photos. (in Community Dictionary, added by Blackguard)
  • A mother is usually a woman who has children, but it’s not uncommon for a mother to have the opposite. Mothers with good parenting traits like concern and caring about others can become Japanese-lizard-sized. This makes them difficult and annoying people you won’t want spend any more time than necessary. A mom with a lot of opinions and who is always right. Combination of “mom”, and “Godzilla.” Also see momster. (in Community Dictionary, added by Humberto Mcconnell)
  • A Momzilla can be compared to Bridezilla in that she is very controlling over all aspects of a wedding. Every detail must go according to plan for the child. This is usually the child who will be the bride. Sometimes, it may also be the groom. Momzilla usually justifies being over-controlling and controlling by claiming she has covered a lot of wedding costs. Momzilla is known to attack brides and grooms who are unhappy with her plans or guests. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marcel Davis)