Moloko Vellocet means: Moloko Vellocet can be described as a combination of words used to make a European beverage. Moloko is a Russian and Nadsat word that means “milk”. Vellocet can be used to refer to any type of amphétamine that is currently available. There are many types of amphetamines, but LSD or PCP are the most popular. Moloko Vellocet, which can be ordered in underground clubs today, is shorthand for “Drug Milk”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ricardo Cabrera)

What else does Moloko Vellocet mean?

  • A drug-laced milk. A Clockwork Orange describes milkbars selling milk in place of alcohol to minors. It would contain “designer drugs”. It is important to note that milk does not provide a reliable delivery method for many psychoactive drugs in real-life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darien Dyer)