mogger means: An elitist term that refers to a mixed-breed or moggy cat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Keshawn Lyons)

What else does mogger mean?

  • Moggers are two people who live together. The first man is found in the sewers while the second is at the tree. After that, the mogger goes to the macdonkeys where he blows up the macdickles. The first man in the sewer put it in sewer rat C4, and ate the rat. Where is he? The man wearing the mocdacklonds travels to Africa, it’s not the police, but the police. He knows that the police went to his home and shot his sister. So he called pickle Rick, picklerick isnt real…so, he returns to his house…BOOM, then the rat…and finally the cops arrived. Boom, the man is coming back from the sewer. He wants to murder people for some reason. Pickle Rick and the other man go to the police, blowing up the entire city. Boom bang, they shot the police officers and went back to Maicodonalds. They order a subway. The thong says it’s a pet shop, so they y go home. But what is this? TOM FROM TOM and JER had benadrills. Stay tuned, Frank files. No no no no you fool, no no frank ye, it doesn’t matter what time that is, just stop laughing now. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raegan Casey)
  • After riding your ATV for hours in dirt and mud, the boogers that you get out of your nose. Sometimes, your corners are also affected. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dania Wise)
  • This is a term that’s used when someone is trying to harm others, but it’s not racist. An alternative way to say the word “Nigger” that isn’t racist is to switch letters to get the word “Mogger”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elliott Burgess)
  • Person who mogagges. A person who likes to drink the fluids from a young female corpse. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jeremy Parrish)
  • A person who is a moggy. Stoic with many attractive physical characteristics. (in Community Dictionary, added by Enrique Delgado)
  • A Pasenger riding a Pedal Bike to give a ride. This was primarily used in South Liverpool, U.K. (in Community Dictionary, added by Khloe Lam)