mofongo means: Spanish-speaking people use the term Mother Fu. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aurelio Martín)

What else does mofongo mean?

  • MOFONGO muh-FOHNG-oh 1. Interjection: WTF? “What the Fuck”, Expression of Disbelief or Despair 2. Locals love to eat -noun Puerto Ricans love this dish, but it is difficult for outsiders to understand. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alonso Benítez)
  • 1. Puerto Rican side dish with platanos 2. spanglish motha fucka mofo (in Community Dictionary, added by Alisa Shannon)
  • After eating spicy tropical foods, you will experience a horrible, brain-damaging and gut-wrenching fart. It is best to be followed by a Dutch oven. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arturo Ramos)
  • A pair of delicious, fat female cheeks. An ass that can break her ankles. Yet so tasty you won’t even want to use forks and knives to eat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stenopaeic)
  • 1. This is the name of a savory and delicious Puerto Rican side dish that’s made with fried plantain bananas and olive oil. It is often served with some pork, but it can also be eaten with any other meats or vegetables. It should be consumed in the purest form as per def. 1. An avant-garde music duo from Houston (TX). 2. MoFoNGo is the main spelling. (in Community Dictionary, added by Diamond Friedman)
  • Puerto Rican cuisine made with mashed plantains and garlic. (in AZ Dictionary)